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Insulating glass refers to two or more lites of glass hermetically sealed around the edges with an air space between to form a single thermal unit.

For insulating units there is reduced heat transfer across the air space. The effect is even more pronounced when further panes and air spaces are added. High air temperatures, low rates of air movement.

warm edge spacer


Super Spacer is considered the best option in reducing condensation and reducing metal conductivity between the glass & spacer. Super Spacer is considered True Warm Edge Technology, when combined with a low Emissivity glass & argon gas, it is widely recognized by Energy Star.

thermal edge


Still considered warm edge which feature is a metal core with a polymer bridge that enhances thermal performance. Thermal edge spacers are less conductive that aluminum, glass edge touch the polymer, not the aluminum, therefore establishing a warm-edge.

This reduces condensation and raises the temperature of the edge of the glass, prevents moisture vapor on glass eliminating likelihood of fungi, bacteria & molds.


Aluminum Spacer


Aluminum Spacers are still manufactured but rarely used in vinyl windows & government buildings. Commercial projects are normally the spacer of choice for its cosmetic appearance & structural performance.



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DownloadGuardian ClimaGuard® 71/38. High Performance Low-E. Residential glass provides energy-saving climate control .

DownloadGuardian ClimaGuard® 75/68 HER. High Solar Gain Low-E. Low-W warms northern homes and heats up enery savings.

DownloadSuper Spacer: Get the facts about Spacer Systems, one of our greatest manufacturing resources.

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24 Hour  Thermal Glass Automates I.G. Production New For. El. Line helps Toronto company exceed customer expectations for quality. Toronto is widely considered the cultural, entertainment and financial capital of Canada. But now, it is also home to a fully automated, state-of-the-art IG production line designed specifically for 24 Hour Thermal Glass Insulation. According to 24 Hour's President, Galo Narvaez, his customers were looking for the best in energy efficiency and durability and he decided to answer the call by adding a new automated Super Spacer® For. El. line to deliver optimal quality, consistency, efficiency and durability to his customers. [more]


Product Samples


Georgian Grids <Contour>


Insulated Stained Glass with Thermal Edge spacer


Praire Style Aluminum Flat Bar



Insulated units fabricated with Rod Iron insert



Thermal units with Flat Aluminum rectangular grids with Super Spacer or Thermal Edge


1/4 x 5\8 Diamond flat bar




Grid Department


Sample unit  of all our specialty grids we offer (click each to enlarge)

Glass Patterns


Georgian Cast Wire


Obscure Reeded Glass

Delta Sandblast